S&P 500 2,441.20 17.28
Gold$1,224.80 $5.30
Nasdaq 6,253.81 61.92
Crude Oil $60,490.00      $-1570.00
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Table 'jump_123jump.Historical_Prices_all' doesn't existSearch result for AEM:
USA: (AEMSX)   Aberdeen:Em Mkt Inst;IS
USA: (AEMDX)   Acadian Emerging Markets Debt Instl
USA: (AEMGX)   Acadian Emrg Mkt;Inst
USA: (AEMI)   Access to Money, Inc.
USA: (AEM)   Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.
USA: (AEMLW)   Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited
USA: (AAEMX)   Alger II:Emerg Mkt;A
USA: (AEMIX)   Allianz AGIC U.S. Emerging Growth Fund INSTL
USA: (AEMPX)   Allianz:AGIC EM Opp;P
USA: (AEMEX)   Alpine Emerging Markets Real Estate
USA: (AEMAX)   Am Beacon:Em Mkt;A
USA: (AEMCX)   Am Beacon:Em Mkt;C
USA: (AEMFX)   Am Beacon:Em Mkt;Inst
USA: (AEMMX)   Amer Cent:Em Mkts;A
USA: (AEMRX)   Amer Cent:Em Mkts;R
USA: (DAEMX)   Dunham:Emg Mkt Stock;A
USA: (EAEMX)   Eaton Vance Pm Strc Em;A
USA: (FAEMX)   Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets Inc T
USA: (HAE)   Haemonetics Corporation
USA: (NAEMX)   ING:Em Ctry;C
USA: (IAEMX)   Invesco Emerging Mkt Lcl Ccy Debt A
USA: (UUPIX)   ProFunds:UltraEM;Inv
USA: (UUPSX)   ProFunds:UltraEM;Svc
USA: (SAEMX)   SA Funds:Emerg Mkts Val
USA: (UAEMX)   USAA Emerg Markets;Adv
USA: (WAEMX)   Wasatch: Emg Mkt SC