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A Natural Born Bond Picker
Lommis Sayles Bond Fund
Interview with: Dan Fuss

Author: Dave Jennings
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When Dan Fuss says the Loomis Sayles Bond Fund takes a multi-sector approach, he means it. Anything in fixed income is fair game—as long as it's cheap and makes sense to own for a few years. That approach through 40 years of fixed-income management has provided shareholders with equity-like returns since inception.

Lommis Sayles Bond Fund

A: We continually interact with our analysts and actually have the analysts incorporated into various portfolio functions to be sure we are up-to-date on their thinking. The corporate analysts are broken into groups depending on industries. Country analysts obviously focus on a region. Our economic team supports each group. Loomis Sayles pioneered the industry's second-oldest proprietary credit rating system, which we still use today. Analysts supplement this system with Wall Street research, analysis from the major ratings agencies, and other resources. Fixed income analysts also work in conjunction with their equity analyst counterparts, particularly in the development of earnings and cash flow forecasts. The analysts aren't restricted to a style-driven focus, but instead concentrate on the fundamentals of each security when making credit recommendations.

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