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Wasatch Funds Tech Talk
Wasatch Global Science and Technology Fund
Interview with: Ajay Krishnan

Author: Manish Shah
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Investing in technology and science requires a global outlook and preparedness to invest when others are avoiding the sector.

Wasatch Global Science and Technology Fund

Q: The fund is named the Global Science and Technology Fund? Can we talk about the science in the Fund?

A: Investing in biotechnology is just as attractive to us as technology. Biotech companies will be rewarded for innovation as much as technology companies. The world's population is aging and as new drugs are invented the markets for these products will only expand. We believe that genetic engineering and genome research are still in the early phase of their innovation cycles. Approximately thirty percent of the Fund's holdings are in the science category.

Q: The tech sector is known for its boom and bust, how do you minimize volatility in the Fund?

A: We watch the earnings of our portfolio companies and we closely monitor their PEG ratios and other metrics related to their valuations. The portfolio is currently diversified among more than 100 stocks. We think this approach helps us to mitigate valuation peaks and valleys. We do not make big bets and stay away from leveraging the portfolio into only a few stocks or sectors.

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