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Global and Manager Diversification
GuideStone International Equity Fund
Interview with: Jay Edmondson

Author: Ticker Magazine
Last Update: Dec 01, 11:18 AM EST
When investors think of multi-manager strategies, they tend to associate them with a selection of well-performing asset managers, ignoring their strategic diversification advantage. Jay Edmondson, Senior Manager of Investment Research of the GuideStone International Equity Fund, discusses how diversified exposure benefits the strategy in the long term. Building the right mix is the primary expertise of the firm, which aims at consistent performance with lower or similar risk levels than those of the benchmark.

“The multi-manager approach is probably what most strongly differentiates us from our peers. That approach gives investors access to industry-recognized institutional money management firms.”
Q: What advantages do multi-manager strategies have over single-manager funds?

A: With a multi-manager strategy, you are not just hiring the manager with the best performance over a short period of time. Having five managers provides diversified exposure across the investment universe and over a long period of time.

The multi-manager approach is our expertise and it gives us an advantage over the long term, as opposed to just hiring the latest and greatest performer.

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