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Selective and Risk Aware for Long-Term Value
Advisory Research International Small Cap Value Fund
Interview with: Kevin Ross

Author: Ticker Magazine
Last Update: Nov 10, 11:09 AM EST
Most international mutual funds are focused on large-cap companies and global factors, but there are smaller gems in the under-researched international space that are just as attractive. Kevin Ross, portfolio manager of the Advisory Research International Small Cap Value Fund, relies on a structured investment process in discovering undervalued stocks with operational or strategic paths to unlock the value while preserving capital through the investment cycle.

“We combine rigorous fundamental research and quantitative tools to add value from a bottom-up security selection standpoint, and emphasize capital preservation to compound capital long term.”
A: Downside protection and capital preservation are paramount. Liquidity is part of our screening process, because it can be completely washed away in a crisis or market downturn, and move rapidly against you. We make sure that if things change with any security, we can exit our position in a timely fashion, something that proved challenging during the financial crisis.

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