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When to Buy and What to Avoid
Northern Small Cap Value Fund  (NOSGX)
10:04 AM ET April 25 2017
A quantitative approach to the small-cap universe is an efficient way to separate companies with improving characteristics from their degrading counterparts among thousands of stocks. Robert H. Bergson, portfolio manager of the Northern Small Cap Value Fund, relies on a two-pronged quantitative approach in filtering out low-quality businesses from the list of names to add to the portfolio. >>

Consistency Through Market Cycles
Voya SmallCap Opportunities Fund  (NSPAX)
8:46 AM ET April 24 2017
One of the common characteristics of smaller companies is the combination of a limited product portfolio with infrequent access to capital markets. What is more, investors are prone to sell small-cap stocks first and ask questions later at the slightest hint of distress. Portfolio manager Jim Hasso and a team of analysts at the Voya SmallCap Opportunities Fund look for out-of-favor companies with the help of a consistent sector-neutral approach spanning several market cycles. >>

Growth Potential through Small and Smaller
AIG Small-Cap Fund  (SASAX)
10:34 AM ET April 21 2017
Underfollowed and often completely ignored, companies smaller than $500 million in market cap are rarely the subject of interest for research teams. However, investors with patience and the willingness to stomach volatility may identify potential gems that could deliver attractive returns. The AIG Small-Cap Fund blends an index sleeve with an active sleeve to help balance its exposure to the lowest end of the market cap spectrum. >>

Putting Research to Work
Nationwide U.S. Small Cap Value Fund  (NWUAX)
12:01 AM ET April 20 2017
What qualifies as cheap in the stock market will always depend on an investor’s yardstick. Even though the stock price is a combination of all possible factors, it still remains a volatile indicator, prompting investors to use a relatively stable metric when comparing thousands of companies. Jed Fogdall, portfolio manager of the Nationwide U.S. Small Cap Value Fund, relies on the dimensions of expected returns in building a portfolio of stocks with the potential of exceeding market expectations. >>

Financial Stability with Higher Probability of Success
Columbia Small Cap Value Fund I  (CSMIX, CSCZX)
11:24 AM ET April 19 2017
Smaller companies do not always enjoy access to capital markets, suffering at times from lack of interest from investors, and all too often their disapproval. Even small caps with strong cash flows, solid balance sheets, and serious growth potential may be out of favor if investors are not satisfied with the generated rate of returns. Jeremy Javidi, portfolio manager of the Columbia Small Cap Value Fund I, focuses on exploiting this oversight by building a portfolio of companies with such characteristics. >>

Concentrated in Dominant Niche Players
Alger Small Cap Focus Fund  (AOFAX, AGOZX)
8:39 AM ET April 18 2017
Smaller companies with innovative profiles and leading positions in niche markets have the potential to maximize their profitable growth and eventually become successful large companies. Amy Zhang, portfolio manager of the Alger Small Cap Focus Fund, uses revenue as a threshold to identify companies displaying such promising characteristics early in their corporate lifecycle. >>

Small Cap Compounders
Franklin Small Cap Value Fund  (FRVLX)
10:52 AM ET April 13 2017
Managing the growth trajectory of smaller companies can be challenging, and investors are not always patient with a company’s management and/or development plans. Steven Raineri, portfolio manager of the Franklin Small Cap Value Fund, likes to methodically build a portfolio of small-cap companies whose track record and capacity of compounding earnings come at an attractive price due to temporary problems. >>

Knowing Well What You Own
Neuberger Berman Genesis Fund  (NBGNX, NBGIX)
11:05 AM ET April 10 2017
As small-cap companies go through rapid changes, they do not always have easy access to capital markets. Still, companies with profitable business models and disciplined management can sustain their growth rate with the help of proper capital allocation. Brett Reiner, Associate Portfolio Manager of the Neuberger Berman Genesis Fund, and a team of analysts scour the small-cap universe in search of high-quality businesses with such characteristics. >>

Boring Is Beautiful
Value Line Small Cap Opportunities Fund  (VLEOX, VLEIX)
2:15 PM ET April 07 2017
High-quality small-cap companies with a track record of steady earnings growth may not appear cheap on standard measurements. But when viewed from the perspective of earnings capacity and durability, many of these consistent earners offer compelling investment opportunities. Stephen Grant, portfolio manager of the Value Line Small Cap Opportunities Fund, takes a long-term perspective on valuation in search of quality and growth in the small-cap space. >>

A Three-Prong Quant Approach to Small Caps
PNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth Fund  (PLWAX, PLTIX)
3:34 PM ET March 31 2017
Successful investing in small-cap companies requires both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The portfolio team of the PNC Multi-Factor Small Cap Growth Fund has developed a broad quantitative methodology that relies on three-level evaluation of business momentum, investor interest, and reasonable price compared to peers. With this systematic approach, the fund seeks to avoid most of the downside while capturing most of the upside. >>

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