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Diversified, Systematic, and Adaptive
QS U.S. Small Capitalization Equity Fund  (LMSIX)
9:53 AM ET May 25 2017
Small-cap companies provide a fertile ground for active managers with a systematic approach and the support of a dedicated research team. Stephen Lanzendorf, portfolio manager of the QS U.S. Small Capitalization Equity Fund, explains how the wider spread between outperforming and underperforming small-cap stocks offers numerous opportunities to managers whose process is multi-faceted and flexible enough for this less liquid segment of the market. >>

Multi-Manager Investing for a Smoother Ride
American Beacon Small Cap Value Fund  (AVFIX, ABSAX)
11:06 AM ET May 19 2017
A key advantage of multi-manager funds, among other benefits for individual investors, is the ability to provide access to high quality sub-advisors through their expertise and scale. Portfolio manager Cynthia Thatcher follows a disciplined process of identifying, monitoring and allocating capital to a selection of value managers under American Beaconís investment model. >>

A Deeper Dive in Deeper Value Stocks
AB Discovery Value Fund  (ABASX, ABYSX)
7:32 AM ET May 17 2017
A chronically underfollowed segment of the market, the small-cap arena has become even more complex for investors with its increasingly global nature in recent years. James MacGregor explains how the AB Discovery Value Fund benefits from a rigorous approach to active management and a steady flow of insights from the firmís global analysts. >>

Active and Diversified in Bonds
11:01 AM ET May 12 2017
U.S. interest rates have been so low for so long that the possibility of a rate increase is one of the largest embedded risks in the widely followed bond market indices. Joseph Higgins, portfolio manager of the TIAA-CREF Bond Fund, keeps risk at the forefront by seeking to mitigate volatility and achieve diversification both in terms of assets and returns. >>

Cash for Free Cash Flows
Delaware Small Cap Value Fund  (DEVLX)
8:57 AM ET May 03 2017
Separating winners from losers among myriad companies is never easy in the small-cap universe. Christopher S. Beck, portfolio manager of the Delaware Small Cap Value Fund, and the members of his team combine quantitative and qualitative research to identify companies that have the financial strength and proven capacity to generate steady free cash flow. >>

Ranking Expected Returns in Small Caps
Goldman Sachs Small Cap Growth Insights Fund  (GSAOX)
9:45 AM ET April 28 2017
The ever-growing data processing power has enabled asset managers to harness the availability of a wide range of data, including financial and broader business-related metrics, as part of their quantitative models. Osman Ali, portfolio manager of the Goldman Sachs Small Cap Growth Insights Fund, explains how the management team relies on traditional and alternative data to invest in the highest ranked companies based on their expected return over the next one year. >>

Three Core Tenets
Royce Total Return Fund  (RYTRX, RTRIX)
9:52 AM ET April 27 2017
While companies with a track record of dividend payment are known to be better allocators of capital, their stocks tend to be less susceptible to volatility too. However, the truth is that not all dividend payers are worth investing in. Jay Kaplan, portfolio manager of the Royce Total Return Fund, screens the small-cap universe for companies with solid balance sheets and attractive business models that are also trading at a discount due to temporary business or industry setbacks. >>

When to Buy and What to Avoid
Northern Small Cap Value Fund  (NOSGX)
10:04 AM ET April 25 2017
A quantitative approach to the small-cap universe is an efficient way to separate companies with improving characteristics from their degrading counterparts among thousands of stocks. Robert H. Bergson, portfolio manager of the Northern Small Cap Value Fund, relies on a two-pronged quantitative approach in filtering out low-quality businesses from the list of names to add to the portfolio. >>

Consistency Through Market Cycles
Voya SmallCap Opportunities Fund  (NSPAX)
8:46 AM ET April 24 2017
One of the common characteristics of smaller companies is the combination of a limited product portfolio with infrequent access to capital markets. What is more, investors are prone to sell small-cap stocks first and ask questions later at the slightest hint of distress. Portfolio manager Jim Hasso and a team of analysts at the Voya SmallCap Opportunities Fund look for out-of-favor companies with the help of a consistent sector-neutral approach spanning several market cycles. >>

Growth Potential through Small and Smaller
AIG Small-Cap Fund  (SASAX)
10:34 AM ET April 21 2017
Underfollowed and often completely ignored, companies smaller than $500 million in market cap are rarely the subject of interest for research teams. However, investors with patience and the willingness to stomach volatility may identify potential gems that could deliver attractive returns. The AIG Small-Cap Fund blends an index sleeve with an active sleeve to help balance its exposure to the lowest end of the market cap spectrum. >>

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