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Bottom-Up Selection with Yield Focus
USAA High Income Fund  (USHYX)
11:55 AM ET December 19 2016
Most high yield bond funds focus on selecting from a pool of thousands of non-investment grade bonds. Unlike the majority of its peers, the USAA High Income Fund seeks attractive high income investment opportunities in investment and non-investment grade fixed-income securities. Portfolio manager Julianne Bass explains how her team is prepared to take a contrarian view while selecting holdings one bond at a time. >>

High Quality and High Octane Assets
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Income Fund  (FSTAX)
9:06 AM ET December 12 2016
Although investors often perceive it as a homogenous asset class, the fixed income market provides access to a broad range of debt instruments with different exposures and maturities. Joanna Bewick, portfolio manager of the Fidelity Advisor Strategic Income Fund, seeks investment opportunities across categories and around the globe relying on the deep research capabilities of Fidelity Investments. >>

Socially and Financially Responsible
Thornburg Better World International Fund  (TBWAX, TBWIX)
13:00 PM ET December 07 2016
Investors are increasingly looking to see that their investments have a positive effect on the world in addition to generating sound returns. However, many funds with a social agenda fail to deliver financial results or simply go out of business. Portfolio manager Rolf Kelly and his team of analysts search for companies that primarily have improving financial characteristics along with their positive contribution to society. >>

An All-Cap Value Approach to Dividend Yield
AMG River Road Dividend All Cap Value Fund  (ARDEX, ARIDX)
9:18 AM ET December 06 2016
Companies with a track record of dividend payment are attractive to investors for their fiscal discipline and shareholder friendliness. Generally, a rising dividend indicates a healthier business and projects expanding cash flows. Henry W. Sanders III and Thomas S. Forsha, portfolio managers of the AMG River Road Dividend All Cap Value Fund, screen all market caps for select companies that meet six investment criteria. >>

Compounding Through Concentrated Holdings
Polen Global Growth Fund  (PGIIX, PGIRX)
11:59 AM ET December 05 2016
Companies with structural and competitive advantages can sustain higher earnings and free cash flows for longer periods of time, generating superior returns for patient investors. Julian Pick, portfolio manager of the Polen Global Growth Fund, and his team of researchers look for such companies around the world, applying a strict price discipline and a long-term holding horizon in their process. >>

Total Return, Multi-Sector and Risk Controlled
SunAmerica Strategic Bond Fund  (SDIAX)
13:00 PM ET November 29 2016
Investing in corporate bonds is research intensive, and managing a relatively smaller strategy can effectively work to an asset managerís advantage. Robert Vanden Assem of PineBridge Investments, portfolio manager of the SunAmerica Strategic Bond Fund, employs a flexible approach that combines macro views with deep credit research and security selection in search of risk-adjusted returns. >>

Global Bonds of Many Stripes
T. Rowe Price Global Multi-Sector Bond Fund  (PRSNX)
11:10 AM ET November 28 2016
Developing markets have offered an expanded opportunity set in the last decade, as the implementation of prudent financial discipline by many emerging economies coincides with bond yields dropping to near zero in their developed counterparts. Steve Huber, portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Global Multi-Sector Bond Fund, employs a flexible approach to selecting diverse bonds with the help of tactical allocation and rigorous global research. >>

Hedged and Diversified
American Century Global Bond Fund  (AGBAX, AGBVX)
11:27 AM ET November 23 2016
One of the core challenges of achieving fixed-income diversification is the complexity of research required to invest in the vast universe of multiple bond markets. John Lovito, portfolio manager of the American Century Global Bond Fund, relies on a global team of analysts to combine macro views and security selection in building a portfolio with diversified sources of return. >>

High Conviction Bonds Only
Goldman Sachs Global Income Fund  (GSGIX, GSGLX)
10:19 AM ET November 22 2016
Investment grade bonds provide an anchor to investors looking for stable returns, especially when culled from around the world. Portfolio manager Jason Singer builds a global portfolio of bonds based on high conviction ideas with the help of deep localized research and duration management. >>

Bond Income With Downside Protection
Hartford Strategic Income Fund  (HSNAX, HSNIX, HSNYX)
11:37 AM ET November 21 2016
Diversification is key for The Hartford Strategic Income fund, which has more than 200 holdings in various fixed income sectors. Portfolio manager Campe Goodman relies on the deep research capabilities at Wellington, the collaborative culture, and the disciplined approach as instrumental for staying on top of a complex set of securities. One of his core beliefs is that identifying fundamental value leads to outperformance over the long term. >>

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